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Collision Repairs for RVs, Motor Homes, Passenger Cars, Light Trucks and Fleets

Accidents are bound to happen, and we are here to help! Our highly qualified and experienced staff are experts...

Slideout Collision Damage Repairs for Class A Motor Homes and RVs

Damage to a slideout on your motorhome or recreational vehicle can be a real nightmare, often rendering the whole...

Complete Paint Jobs and Expert Auto Body Work

Though we specialize in RV and motorhome collision repairs, we are also a full service auto body shop that can tackle...

Fleet Repairs for Crash Damage, Accidents, and Collisions

Fleet vehicles spend a lot of time out on the open road, and the occasional mishap can really put a dent in your...

RV Flat Tire Blowout Damage Repair

We all hope to never have a tire blowout on our recreational vehicles, because it can cause some major damage to the...

Custom Graphics and Reproductions

Any motorhome looks better with a little graphical flair, and we are experts at creating new graphics from scratch or...

Windshield and Window Replacement

Your windshield is all that protects you from the hazards of the open road such as rocks and other flying debris, and...

"Roofwerx" RV Rooftop Resealing and Coating

For your RV or motorhome to bring you a lifetime of save travels, its roof must be watertight. If not, all kinds of...

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Fleet vehicles spend a lot of time out on the open road, and the occasional mishap can really put a dent in your business - not to mention the vehicle itself! From small businesses to large fleets, we've got you covered in case something goes wrong!

If your business' vehichles are in need of anything from a new paint job to minor or major collision damage repairs, we are here to help. Our expert staff can handle all manners of repairs, from renewing faded graphics to replacing complete body panels, repairing or replacing damaged cargo boxes, and major container components.

We have serviced vehicles that are used in all manner of businesses, including:

  • Moving companies
  • Freight companies
  • Busses and ground transportation
  • Food service delivery
  • Laundry service companies
  • Mobile pet groomers
  • Plumbing companies
  • Telecommunications
  • Construction companies
  • More

Don't forget that keeping your fleet vehicles looking their best can make a big impression on not only your existing client base, but on every existing and potential client who sees them out and about. Your employees will be much more proud to be driving for your company if the vehicles they drive look their best.

fleet repair

We can work on just about any type of fleet vehicle you can throw at us, from light trucks to box vans, tractor trailers to busses and more. Our expert mechanics and paint and body technicians will get you back on the road with minimal down time and looking and driving as good as new.

Call us at (619) 448-6200 or use this simple contact form for any of your fleet repair needs.